"Take part in the growth of a pioneering company in high-temperature 3D printing..."

Since its creation,
QUALUP SAS has constantly evolved to specialise in the development of 3D printers with heated chambers at very high temperatures of up to 300°C, which are unique on the market.

After 12 years of innovation, we are now looking for strategic and financial partners to expand our business internationally.
For this new challenge, we are looking for investors who can support us in consolidating our commercial position.

Expertise and technical know-how
Working closely with world-renowned customers, we are constantly improving our
"Evolutive Technology" to adapt our solutions to their needs.

Behind each of our printers lies a wealth of design experience. In addition to our patents, our know-how is reflected in the tricks of the trade and manufacturing secrets that have been refined over the years.
These often intangible elements make all the difference in terms of the performance, durability and efficiency of our products.

Expertise in polymers for 3D printing
Our expertise is not limited to printer design: we also have an in-depth understanding of polymers and ultra-polymers, whether amorphous, semi-amorphous or semi-crystalline. This knowledge enables us to master the physical phenomena that occur during 3D printing, guaranteeing first-rate printing results, whatever the material used.

Pioneers in high-temperature 3D printing
In 2017, one of our machines won the "
Solvay PEEK Challenge" the first global competition organised by Solvay dedicated to high-temperature polymers.
The following year, at another challenge also organised by Solvay, two of our machines finished on the podium, this time using another ultra-polymer, "PPSU".

Evolving technology
At the heart of our machines is the adaptive chamber: the printing chamber automatically adjusts to the size of the parts. A technical revolution that not only allows rapid temperature rise up to 300°C, but also makes it possible to design very large-volume 3D printers with high-temperature chambers.
Without this technology, the heating times and power requirements would be prohibitive, making it difficult if not impossible to print large parts at very high temperatures.

hyper-ventilated chamber is another of our innovations, ensuring uniform heat distribution throughout the printing zone, which is imperative to guarantee the production of parts or batches of parts with repeatability and precision.

Another strong point is our
real-time filament quality control system.
The tolerances inherent in filament manufacture can lead to variations in diameter of up to +/- 0.05 mm, which represents a 12% variation in volume.

Until now, it has been technically impossible to
guarantee manufacturing quality with such variations in filament volume.
Thanks to our Filament Control system, we can measure and compensate for these variations in real time during the printing process.
As a result, two parts printed with the same GCode on our machines have the same weight (regardless of filament fluctuations).
Our machines are the only ones on the market to be equipped with such a quality control system.

For more information, please contact us at :
investors[at]qualup.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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